NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge

The Optimal Bowl is a fun filled event for adults and kids. The event includes teams playing touch football with the NFL Alumni as coaches. Tours of the private rooms in the stadium, autograph and photo sessions with the Alumni and rare memorabilia. A wellness expo and performance by a children’s orchestra as well as other exciting activities.

The NFL Alumni’s Wellness Challenge features former NFL players and others in a one of a kind wellness competition, web TV documentary web series and publicity campaign designed to educate the public about how they can optimize their health. The public will follow the former NFL players and other competitors’ journeys to wellness through an exciting reality based web TV documentary series and public relations initiative that includes important preventive health information to educate the public about wellness. This not for profit project also serves as a fundraiser for youth oriented charities of the NFL Alumni.

Optimal Bowl I

NFL Alumni’s Optimal Wellness Challenge Ambassadors

Sponsorship Opportunities


The NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge puts health and wellness in the spotlight while providing multiple unique sponsorship opportunities that incorporate, a web TV series, public relations campaigns, and charitable giving. Multiple sponsorship packages are available that incorporate live events, special promotions. Player appearances and NFL Alumni “official provider” status, The NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge provides a unique opportunity for your company to harness the power of the NFL for your marketing and branding initiatives.

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The Teams

Harry Carson, Joe Morris, Dave Szott and Greg Buttle are our NFL Alumni participants that will compete in the Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge II, they will also be joined by others in the ultimate showdown of health and wellness.

Optimal Bowl & Wellness Challenge I

Optimal Bowl I featured Ottis Anderson, Jim Burt, Bruce Harper, Mark Mosely and Karl Nelson competing to improve their health and wellness. All the competitors were winners and successfully improved their health while educating the public about health and wellness.

Player Quotes

Here’s what our participants are saying about The NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge:

“I want to live to live until I can’t live. I don’t just want to live to an old age. I want to be healthy my entire life. I want to be able to ski, walk the dog, you name it. Through the Optimal Wellness Challenge I significantly improved my health and learned what I can do to live my entire life healthy”.

Jim Burt, Former NY Giant, Competitor Optimal Bowl I

“By participating in Optimal Bowl I we wanted to stress the point that some of us don’t realize just how important good health is until our good health is gone. Don’t wait until then to try to get it back, keep it while you have it and have no regrets later. You can always improve your health no matter what your condition is now and through my participation in the Optimal wellness Challenge I was able to make positive changes to my health and wellness.”

Bruce Harper, Former NY Jet, Competitor Optimal Bowl I

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Player Quote

“I am awed by vast information the Optimal Wellness program collected about me that can affect my own fitness and wellness going forward in a very positive way! There will be lots changes needed in my life for me to reach a better me through this program! I want everyone watching us to also be successful in changing their own lives so all can live better with good health and an active lifestyle, Challenges are double edge sword for anybody facing them but with this competition being against our “little brothers ” the Jets it makes a little spicy. The Jet’s are going down and they must go down hard!”

Joe Morris, Former NY Giant, Competitor Optimal Bowl 1


The NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge will benefit the following youth oriented charities and the charitable efforts of the NFL Alumni Association.

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